Reconcile within



Years have allowed me to grow
Wrapped sturdily around your spine
Voices fueling all those questions
Guarding a place I consider mine

I was hidden for a long time
A seed inside, buried deep
Awakened through dance and words
Spreading out, never asleep

In my oasis of the status quo
Safety is my primary concern
Strengthened by your routines
Retreat, here you’ll always return

My heart carries you onward
Beyond those limits you set
Smile, touch, embraces all around
Go further, you won’t regret

Silently we await the approval
We don’t need to go out there
So, leave this bleak zone of comfort
Gather your strength and prepare

Without focus reaching out
Heart and hands alone are naive
Their flailing feeding the doubt
Scared to give and not receive

Perhaps ask love a little help
Let its glow light a hidden trail

I’m sure fear can guard us
From a fantasy bound to fail

Together we are better prepared
To live on and tell the tale

Fear to keep you centered, strong
Love yourself when standing still
We will find a balance every day
In it together, now and tomorrow

I’m sure we will.

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