Entangled Souls

Our paths crossed
Not once
Or twice
But so many times
Unknown to us, an attraction existed
In these crowded and hectic places
My eyes looking for yours there
Among all the waiting faces

Looking back it was perhaps
More than lady destiny out there
Doing groundwork, ready for more
Making sure with our jokes and glances
While waiting, we chose the right open door

You turned and looked that final night
Making the inevitable leap and asked
For me to lead you there and then
An open floor, a space for just you and me
This invitation I would take again, and again

Settling into those first beats and steps
My heart ready, my soul reaching out
We had no idea what was in store
While challenging the rapid of rhythms
Traveling to a world beyond this floor

Time became but a four letter word
A concept, an abstraction, an idea
We escaped within, love connected my soul
Saving us from the outside world
Making it last forever, that was my only goal

There I had you forever turning
You were gently leading my own steps
Your breath in my neck, it’s here we belong
Until an audible groan, when was announced
It was going to be the very last song

We parted ways but here i am loving
More than just the memory, still in awe
How we can be more than just whole
I’m ready and on the lookout
I know you’re there, my kindred soul

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