Hey Soul, it’s me.

A heartfelt talk with you has been long overdue. You must have seen that I have been eager to avoid everything related to that which lies ahead of me. Whether it’s about what it is I want, I think I want, or believe that I should want. Right now it’s all a bit messed up to be honest, and I’m partially to blame for that. Closed eyes have never averted any situation coming anyone’s way. And today is not any different. A chosen blindness, a resistance to accept, are among the things that have cause me to lose track of you.

I hope that we can leave that behind us. The fear and trepidation of an unknown future, the stress it has given us over the past couple of months.

I want to talk to you now, mind to heart, in a way we have never done before. I feel that, finally, it is time to focus on ourselves. We have given our share to the world and the people close to us, and perhaps we have lost ourselves in the process. When we thought we could remain a granite mountain, able to carry the weight of the world, we have slowly transformed into chalk. The smallest downpour can make us smaller than we really are. And if we are not careful we will be swept away, leaving no trace behind of this giant we can be.

It’s time to heal the wounds we have let fester, or even treasured, for too long. Start being accountable for that which we want, which is above all, to be happy. To remain in the now. No overthinking. Let us open ourselves for change, a transformation, and let ourselves be guided by those who went before. Let us listen, take in, and see how we can make our way forward. You and I. I want to feed you, my soul, with all you need. Let me know when you see something, feel something, and tug at my heart, so we can find our nourishment together, as one.

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