Doubts triggered
Something wrong
Fanged critters wriggle
Imperceptible, outside my view
Papers waved, poked and prodded
Good intentions did not live up
Nauseau breaking through

“Take these pills”
As is adamantly proclaimed
“You can trust us now
Ignore our accusations, our disbelief”
But credentials stacked upon each other
Don’t make you human
A cold-hearted chief

It turns us weary and cautious
Why would we not
Waver right here, in our step
The thought of ever going back
Thrown away, forgotten or just ignored
Humanity lost under a flickering light
Chaos explored

Hours spent inside that hell
The path outside
I hope leads straight from here
Through noisy streets, coming across
A world where people dance unconcerned
Laughter enlivens their safe space
My hope

Returned, as I heard his voice
Oral leading
Turned around my axis
Blissfully ignorant of their glances
Treasuring this moment we share
I can forget and let go
we can bear.

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