Split Trials

From a distance, we must watch
Loved ones challenging ordeals
No protection while they go
Vaguely knowing how it feels

Cold light shines on pale faces
Bloodshot eyes looking at a screen
Matching numbers! No, no relief
Health gnawed by this raw machine

Darkened screens reflect my thoughts
Hiding underneath my sheets
Soaking wet from ice cold sweat
Toes drumming on imagined beats

Patients unaware, the staff is blind
Mumbling to myself I try to explain
Slowly slipping down that slope
Join the madhouse, come and go insane

My bed, a cage that locks me in
A raft lost in this dark abyss
I can not leave, cannot go
Wanting to scream “What is this!”

Into the cold night, I escaped
Beaten by cold needles I get wet
A voucher is given for my return
Arguments and fights are what I’ll get

Dawn breaks, the night is over
Barely slept, our clothes are scattered
The cage is open, doors inviting
Chaos eager, our ego rattled