Midnight Bells

While Watching a boiling sky
Clouds slowly burning, air ablaze
My breathing hampered, foul smells
Remaining hunched in a daze

Woken up by haunted bells
Corpses and remnants decayed
Trails forming as they are pulled
Ghostly hands, I am not afraid

It feels commonplace, normal
This dark world beyond our own
Babbling jaws ramble, I listen
Stories told through flesh and bone

The dead still wish for something
Peace and quiet, time run out
Empty sockets shedding tears
Waterdrops in this eternal drought

Feeding the beast, life’s amalgam
Of fears, wishes, and survival
Their one remaining purpose
Shredding teeth upon arrival

The tearing, stripped and reduced
To memories, stories in our time
Throws me back, was it ever real

Twice I hear

That distant chime