Do you remember that day you went outside
Ready for new experiences and adventures?

You tiptoed your way down the shaded paths
Your shadow, more daring in your ventures

Your head looked up at the sky and listened
To things we ourselves could never hear

Your eyes big and blue, content and curious
Looking at the world, wonder always near

A beige furry coat bouncing back the rays
Always there, waiting to dart into the light

Strolling slowly through the undergrowth
You must have felt that it was right

Arriving on our doorstep, a big surprise
No longer limited to your own reflections

I’d like to think we showed you the world
Allowed to follow your nose in new directions

In our hearts, you’re still out there
Roaming with the ones you love, wild and free

And I know that in the end
You learned how amazing the world can be.

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